Renovation Work Renovation Work The Original Cortijo Front of the property. 166678424 The Original Cortijo Back of the property. The grown vegetation reached the back wall. 166678425 Plastering and Rendering It had to look awful before looking better! The roof was lifted and new beams put to replace the old ones although the good old beams remained where possible. 166678426 Placing new Beams inside There was a stage in which the house didn't have a roof at all, not even a ceiling on the ground floor! 166678427 Completion of Rendering Starting to look better. The electrics are in place and the chimney has been built. 166678428 Rear Door added Door to the kitchen to make it easier to empty the car after shopping. A JCB cleared the land around the house and added earth to the front of it. 166678429 Original Tiles saved ... ... to re-use them where possible. This photo shows the landing upstairs with the master bedroom to the left and the upstairs bathroom to the right. 166678430 Doors and Windows added All in rustic style with black metal features. This photo shows the downstairs bathroom door next to the staircase. 166678431 Tiling the Floors Special feature on the master bedroom floor 166678432 Upstairs Bathroom Showing Egyptian design tiles. 166678433 The Staircase Completely rebuild with original tiles. 166678434 Front Door Brand new two door main entrance. 166678435 Painting Two coats of white! 166678436 The Boiler House At the rear of the house. This now has a metal door to protect the boiler and the gas bottles. 166678437 The Terrace Starting with the pillars and the beams. 166678438 The Terrace Floor Traditional terracotta losas. The ceiling shows now the cana in between the beams. 166678439 House with Terrace Showing the kitchen window and the third bedroom window upstairs. The log shed and the tool shed were eventually built on this wall. 166678440 The Terrace with Walls Closed terrace with pretty little walls to put plants on them. 166678441 Finished Showing Buganvilla plant which was very little when planted. Full size now! 166678442 Buganvilla Growing crazy! Beautiful, beautiful colour. A Spanish Cortijo is not complete without at least a Buganvilla plant. Finca Cuzco has three. 166678443